Man Involved In Car Accident In Nyanga
28 February 2021
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Tendai, Brian Mushangwe was involved in a car accident in Nyanga Zimbabwe on 3 October 2020 and sustained head, arm and hip injuries. He was admitted to Mutare General Hospital where he got some medical attention. What’s sad is his arm and hip were not treated at the time because of lack of funds.

His ex classmates were alerted to the plight and have since raised nearly US$1500 for his hip and arm surgery. We were quoted USD$7500 for the surgery 

He is now home in Kambuzuma 1 , is bed ridden, cannot walk and uses diapers.
He needs to have 2 surgeries performed one on the arm( humerus, forearm and a pin ) and the second on the hip.

The head injuries affected his mental state: he was mentally unstable but he is recovering. Both surgeries can be performed at Parirenyatwa and below are some of the quotes:

1. ) Name : Tendai Brian Mushangwe
2.)aged 44
3. ) High School- Goromonzi High, 1990 -1993

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