EXCLUSIVE: Mnangagwa’s Son Is A 1 Aug Soldier…..
2 March 2021
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An undated picture believed to be from February 2021 shows one of Emmerson Mnangagwa’s sons dressed in military attire. The picture had hundreds of Zimbabweans asking, what this means “because none of the ZANU PF leader’s kids is a soldier, ” as some supposed.

Soldiers from the Presidential Guard shooting passerbys under the guise of dealing with election results protesters, on 1st August 2018.

The development comes fresh on the heels of the Drax (Covid materials’) scandal in which more than USD60 million were laid for the loot.

As ZimEye reveals, however, Mnangagwa’s son is a Presidential Guard member, that very same team that shot innocent people on the 1st August to change election results. He has been serving the presidential guard since Robert Mugabe days, as the below pictures reveal.

On the 1st August 2018, Presidential Guard soldiers shot dead 6 people as they scared off the public so as to swiftly change the 2018 election results so that Mr Mnangagwa wins “on a magnitude bigger than the one which we did in 1980; we are going to work hard with our chiefs, we are going to work hard with our illustrious ZDF, the best army in the world,” as the Presidential Advisor announced in Mnangagwa’s presence on the 15th Dec 2017.

ZANU PF Director Of Information, Tafadzwa Mugwadi made the disclosure although without stating his (Mnangagwa’s son’s) full name.

Said Mugwadi:

“Isoja rinosvika kure iro. Major Mnangagwa Presidential guard.

“He was President Mugabe’s section gunners.

“If you think he is not, then engage him physically Simba Chikanza. Tanha dzamunosvikira. Inyika idzi”

It was not clear at the time of writing what role the man played during the operation.