IS HE TELLING THE TRUTH? Mutandagayi Defends Self Saying the Embarrassing Wife-Bashing Video-Footage Which Got Him Arrested In Jan, Is Actually New And Only Just Been Issued
8 March 2021
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By A Correspondent | The ZB Financial Holdings group chief executive, Ronald Mutandagayi has issued a statement concerning the incident caught on video which shows him brutally assaulting and flooring his estranged wife, the same footage that he in an interview with ZimEye Sunday night, said is 2 seconds long. It is 13 seconds of full HD video.

He also said: “it is surprising that only two months later is when such footage is issued.” The footage as ZimEye reveals, and per his own admissions on Sunday night, was issued in January leading to his arrest.

He is currently in bail pending trial for wife battery.

ZimEye has conducted extensive investigations over the matter and we stand by our story.

Below was his full statement:

I have noted with regret that there is video footage circulating on social media suggesting that I assaulted my estranged wife. Whilst the circumstances of the event cannot be attributed to me alone, it is important in that regard to put the record straight.

The unfortunate circumstances surrounding the incident occurred on 2 January 2021 after three consecutive days of severe assault and harassment on my person. It is surprising that only two months later is when such footage is issued. The bona fides of such action is questionable.

Further, it is regrettable that the video footage only shows a certain portion of the incident obviously meant to sell a certain narrative. Nonetheless, I am mindful of my right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. Since the matter is currently pending before the Courts, I shall let the law take its course.