Prophets “Expose” Murderer
8 March 2021
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IT took 10 prophets to expose a Marange man’s alleged role in the murder of a fellow villager almost three decades ago.

Although Dunmore Mukanjari had initially admitted that he had taken part in the murder of Ruwizhi Makondo Mashato 29 years ago when he recently appeared before Chief Marange’s court, he shifted goalposts upon realising that he was likely to face criminal prosecution and claimed that he made the confession under duress.

This prompted Chief Marange to hire the services of 10 white garment prophets to unravel the mystery.

Mukanjari, Dorcas Ndova, Manzinde Denga, Godfrey Denga and Agnes Mauchaza allegedly murdered Mashato for ritual purposes.

The four families are at the mercy of an avenging spirit that is allegedly castrating its victims and killing them soon afterwards.

During the prophets’ exorcizing ceremony, a ‘goblin’ was discovered in Mukanjari’s trousers pocket.

Led by Madzibaba Kelvin ‘Portridge’ Munhumumwe, the group of prophets interceded spiritually and tried to make Mukanjari confess, but he insisted that he had been possessed by evil spirits when he initially made the confession.

The team later pulled a goblin (dumwa) from Mukanjari’s pocket and all hell broke loose. Mashato’s spirit manifested through Memory Mukanjari — the accused’s sister-in-law- and threatened to strike Mukanjari dead if he insisted on denying participating in the murder.

Mashato further claimed that his remains had been retrieved from the well where they had initially been thrown into, before they were dumped in Odzi River.

“After they removed my remains from the well, they dumped them in Odzi River. That is where I have been ever since. I am cold and cannot take it any longer. I want my relatives to accord me a decent burial so that I can rest peacefully,” said Mashato’s spirit.

The spirit promised that after appeasement, it will direct the Mashatos to the exact spot where the deceased’s remains are laying.

The avenging spirit is demanding 50 beasts as compensation from the four families.

After Chief Marange gave them until March 15 to appease Mashato’s spirit, the Mukanjaris have has since started contributing cattle towards the appeasement of Mashato’s spirit.

To date, they have managed to raise three beasts. However, Dunmore has since relocated his cattle to an unknown destination to avoid making a contribution in the appeasement.

“He has hidden his cattle because he does not want to pay for his sins. Our children are the ones who are dying and we have no option but to appease the avenging spirit with our own cattle. Mukanjari is so heartless.

“We have even stopped procreating because we fear that the children will all die. Marrying into this family is a curse. Had I known that this would happen, I would not have married into the Mukanjari family,” bitterly complained Mercy Mukanjiri.- Manica Post