House Maid Caught Red-Handed Putting Charm In Boss’ Husband Plate
11 March 2021
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Own Correspondent|
In an incident that is trending on WhatsApp, a house girl identified as Chipo was reportedly caught red-handed putting charm in the father of the house’s plate in a bid to entice him.

Chipo, a maid in Rhodene Suburb Masvingo, was allegedly caught while trying to snatch her boss’ husband.

She threw away all the food and apologised, according to Masvingo Trends.

Chipo reportedly confessed that she wanted her boss’ husband to take care of her kid.

“Chipo claimed the two once kissed just for fun.She reportedly bought the charm from controversial cleric Isaac Makomichi.

She pleaded for a second chance since the father of the house did not take the charm.

I think the government must reprimand Makomichi,” said a lady who declined to be named.