MDC Alliance Statement On Obert Chaurura Gutu, James Makore Defection To Zanu PF: Full Text
18 March 2021
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The rejoining of ZANU PF by the known Prodigal Sons,Obert Gutu and James Makore does not surprise us, in actual fact it was overdue to be declared in public by their newly found sanctuary , Zanu PF.

We are only surprised why this announcement has taken over 2 years to be pronounced publicly.

We knew this was coming since the aforementioned men have been so desperate for party positions and survival.

Parading political renegades at the State House is unconstitutional because Zanu PF activities should be done and paraded at the Shake – shake house,the Zanu PF Headquarters,in Harare or elsewhere.

The Zanu PF president should separate State business from party functions/ business.

Desperate, fly by night individuals purporting to be politicians can’t stop the Great Movement,the MDC A to move on and emancipate all oppressed Zimbabweans.

It’s only time that will but the processes are now evident to all rational and level headed citizenry.

Sincerely yours
Dr Felix Magalela Mafa Sibanda.

( Deputy national secretary for communication- MDC A)
Dated 17/03/2021.