Did You Know That The Way You Sleep With Your Sweetheart Speaks Volumes About Your Relationship?
20 March 2021
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By A Correspondent-There are things or habits which we usually take for granted, but they say a lot about us. Have you ever analysed the way you sleep with your partner or you only get to read into it after a fight as you each sleep at the edge of the bed.

Your everyday pattern of sleep says a lot about your relationship. These are some of the things taken for granted in relationships, but they mean and say a lot.

If you sleep in a tangle position also known as hug position, it shows you cannot resist each other. Of course this position is common among newlyweds. They are in each other’s arms the whole night. This is the most intimate and close-knit position that suggests the couple has a passionate and vigorous sexual relationship.

Apart from newlyweds, couples often tend to sleep in this position if they are engrossed in an intensely erotic conversation or after they have made love. If you like sleeping in this position, keep it up! Then there is the spooning position where the man or woman is spooning her partner. For some, they even do the spooning with a slight distance between them. If the man is the one spooning his woman, it shows that he is dominant and likes to take charge of everything.

This is a very intimate position and quite sexual for a very apparent reason as his manhood touches your butt or rests on your thighs. This position speaks tons about the intimacy between the two of you. When it’s the woman spooning her man, it shows she is protective and slightly possessive. Still in the same position, with little distance between the two of you, it means that there is trust and reliability on each other, but of course not as much intimacy as there is in a touchy, clingy, spooning position.

Cradle position is all about caring and protecting. It is the woman who typically rests her head on the man’s chest while he is resting on his back. This position says that the woman is seeking a protector who understands her emotional needs.

Also, the man is receptive to her needs and gives her the support she is asking for. Some couples tend to sleep in a variant of this position called the “star gazing” position where the two of them face the ceiling, but the woman rests her head on the man’s shoulder. While this position is as intimate as cradling, it calls for a little more communication and understanding between the couple.

There are some who need their space when sleeping and therefore keep some distance between each other and then have their legs intertwined. Leg hugging position says that you matter to each other, but are not very expressive or open about this fact, at least while you are awake.

This also means that you want each other’s attention, but are not ready to openly acknowledge it. In spite of all this, there’s a sense of balance and faith in the relationship, which you subtly express by touching each other’s legs. This posture is also common to couples who don’t like too much physical contact yet have a strong emotional connection.

Moving down the intimacy meter, the freedom finder position scores very less. Couples who have just had a battle or are disagreeing about some issue at this point of their lives sleep in this position. Sleeping in this posture also means that the spouses need some space and freedom without intrusions even from their significant others. Unlike the huggers, the freedom finders are individual entities and can do without each other. They don’t emotionally depend on each other and express a clear need for liberty.

The worst being the distanced together position. It is the way couples who have nothing in common sleep. They are on different wavelengths and have opposite or different perspectives on things. Also, if one tends to sleep with their head higher than the other, then the one on the top is more dominating and boisterous while the other is certainly subdued and chooses to disagree more humbly.

Experts say that if you and your partner sleep on the same level, there’s unanimity in the thought process and even more so if your heads touch each other’s while asleep. People who sleep together, but with some distance between them and also a difference in the level of their heads score probably the least on the intimacy scale. Which sleeping position best describes your relationship?

Sleeping next to someone has tremendous benefits for your health, starting from reducing stress to boosting immune system. But psychologists are also sure that sleeping positions can reveal a lot about the relationship between the partners and point out the unspoken problems.