Joy For Malawians In Zimbabwe As Chakwera Moves To Oky Dual Citizenship
30 March 2021
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By James Gwati- Malawi nationals who are resident in the country and have Zimbabwean citizenship have received with joy the news that their country would now allow them to enjoy both Zimbabwean citizenship and that of their home country.

CFMNews, reports that the immigration authorities are almost done with regulations that are aimed at governing the implementation of the dual citizenship law.

Malawians have been eagerly waiting for the law to become operational, three (3) years after it was passed by Parliament, the online news platform said.

When implemented, the law would permit Malawians to retain their citizenship, even after acquiring foreign citizenships.

The online news network said deputy spokesperson at the Immigration Department Wellington Chiponde, acknowledged that they are currently making final touches on the regulatory framework for the implementation of the law.