Mnangagwa Prepares To Forcibly Exhume President Mugabe’s Skeleton As Police Chase Journalists Away.
21 May 2021

ZANU PF coupist Emmerson Mnangagwa is set to forcibly exhume his late boss’ remains against the wishes of his family, just as his top leadership demands to obtain among others, Robert Mugabe’s sceptre.

The development comes as there are assumptions that Mugabe was buried with his staff. According to many close state house aides, the country is struggling because of the missing staff, which is known in shona as Tsvimbo. 

Grace Mugabe being consoled by former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo

Chief Zvimba has said he wants Mrs. Mugabe to exhume her late husband’s body and rebury it at a gravesite where his mother, Bona, was laid to rest.

The Chief has presided over a lawsuit against Mugabe’s wife, Grace in which she has been charged 5 cows for burying Mugabe in the wrong place. 

The development is a continuation of battles between Mnangagwa and the Mugabe family for the late coup-victim’s remains in Sept 2019, an impasse that last over 3 weeks as Mnangagwa demanded that he has to be buried at the national shrine, something the deceased warned against saying Mnangagwa will use his bones for Satanic rituals. 

In a letter dated April 29, 2021, and signed by the traditional leader, Chief Zvimba ordered Mrs. Mugabe to attend the village court on Thursday at Gonzo Guzha Hall in Murombedzi Growth Point.

The letter read in part, “You are facing charges of burying the late Robert Gabriel Mugabe at his homestead. This is unheard of in Chief Zvimba’s area. At the same, time you are accused of abandoning Robert Gabriel Mugabe’s property which is scattered nationwide.

“All properties of the late Robert Gabriel Mugabe are supposed to be kept at his homestead and handled in line with our traditions. I want you to rebury the late president in accordance with our traditions and in Zvimba at a place designated by the family and his late mother. These charges you are facing attract a fine of five cattle and a goat.”

In the letter, Chief Zvimba had noted that Mrs. Mugabe was allowed to bring witnesses. “We will proceed with the case and make an appropriate ruling if you don’t attend the village court without seeking permission.”

Mrs. Mugabe was asked to fix a date with appropriate authorities if she won’t attend the village court.

The late Robert Mugabe’s homestead in Kutama, Zvimba communal lands. (VOA)
The late Robert Mugabe’s homestead in Kutama, Zvimba communal lands. (VOA)

The former first lady’s nephew, Leo Mugabe, was unreachable for comment on his mobile phone. Leo Mugabe was quoted by an online publication recently as saying he was not aware of any moves by Chief Zvimba to summon Mrs. Mugabe to the village court to face charges of breaking traditional rules and regulations of burying people in his area.

According to independent economists, the Mugabe family has business interest worth more than US$10 million. – VOA/ Additional Reporting