Cornered Zanu PF In Propaganda Overdrive
3 June 2021

Tinashe Sambiri|MDC Alliance Secretary General Hon Charlton Hwende has dismissed talk of bickering and infighting in the popular movement.

Hon Hwende has refuted claims by a State run daily paper that there is chaos in the MDC Alliance.

Zanu PF is desperate to soil the MDC Alliance’s reputation, according to Hon Hwende.

See statement below:

2 June 2021

                                                  PRESS STATEMENT 


The MDC-Alliance notes with concern ZANU PF’s continued abuse of state media for its propaganda drive. In the Herald yesterday, they published a mischievous article through Fungisai Kwaramba projecting a false image of chaos and infighting within the People’s Party.

We are aware that the falsehoods are driven by panic in the ZANU PF regime, unsettled by the unity, resilience and fighting spirit within the People’s Party in particular by the success of our Agenda 2021 Program launched by the People’s President Nelson Chamisa at a time when the regime thought of writing the people’s movement’s epitaph.

The People’s Party has withered the unrelenting onslaught from ZANU PF and its surrogates which was aimed at permanently annihilating the People’s Party.

The protracted onslaught on the People’s Party in the past 24 months includes state engineered rebellion and split of the party, illegal recalls of its MPs and councillors, the hostile takeover of the party’s headquarters, the withholding of funds due to the party under the Political Party Finances Act and the systematic arrest and imprisonment of its party members.

Instead of weakening the People’s Party these coordinated attacks have in fact strengthened the party which is now more united and determined to win Zimbabwe for change.

The People’s Party is united behind its President Advocate Nelson Chamisa and focused on the broader objective of winning Zimbabwe for change. For the first time in many years the party has successfully extinguished the fires of State sponsored divisions to focus on the common agenda whose vision and strategy is driven by the People’s President Advocate Nelson Chamisa.

Under the leadership of the People’s President Nelson Chamisa the party has successfully established new branches and strengthened existing party structures for its grassroots membership across the country.

The party’s rural mobilisation and recruitment programme is gaining momentum. This has caused panic and despondency within ZANU PF.

The Zimbabwe Agenda 2021 which seeks to bring Zimbabweans together under Citizens Convergence for Change has been a resounding success following overwhelming response from citizens in both rural and urban areas. Citizens across the country are converging under the common agenda of resisting authoritarian consolidation and demanding a new government.

Currently the party through its Elections Directorate has launched a voter registration campaign whose ultimate objective is to register and garner 6 million votes for the People’s Party in the 2023 general elections.

To circumvent the media blackout and negative propaganda against the People’s Party by state media, the party through its Communications Department has launched its own radio station Change Radio and will soon be launching its own TV station and re-launching its newspaper The Changing Times. The party has also put in place measures to amplify its presence on social media and all digital platforms. We are not leaving anything to chance.

Noting these bold strides, the ZANU PF regime is now resorting to cheap propaganda to create non-existent divisions and imaginary chaos in the MDC Alliance.

The MDC Alliance leadership remains united and focused on winning Zimbabwe for change under the leadership of President Nelson Chamisa.

No retreat no surrender!
Hatidzokeri shure!

Chalton Hwende
Secretary General
MDC Alliance

MDC Alliance Secretary General Charlton Hwende