Exposed: Mnangagwa Is Busy Recruiting Zanu PF Activists Into Police Force
3 June 2021

Staff Reporter

|The Zanu PF leader Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa has instructed party structures to oversee the process of recruiting known activists into the police force, has established.

Analysts say Mr Mnangagwa wants to use the police and the army to manipulate electoral processes.

According to WhatsApp chats seen by, Zanu PF is already recruiting its sympathizers into the police force.

This, according to political observers, will further compromise the ZRP’s operations.

“Tell our people who are interested in joining the ZRP to forward their names.Please note that this is a directive from the authorities.We have to make sure that our people join the police force.

Please compile the list of those interest as soon as people.

This should be conveyed to true Zanu PF youths because they have to join the police force,” a Zanu PF councillor identified as Matsaure wrote on WhatsApp.

ZRP cops