UK: Zim Man Who Killed Wife Kids Watching Dies In Prison Just Before Release
3 June 2021
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By A Correspondent | A Zimbabwean man Godfrey Muzhuzha, who in 2005 killed his wife Judith, by stabbing her 9 times in front of their kids aged 7 and 11, has died.

In a video interview his seven-year-old daughter told detectives: “I started shouting, ‘Stop it’ but he kept carrying on. I think he had something sharp because my mum was bleeding everywhere.

“It looked a bit like my mum was dead. I saw blood on the curtain, on the mat and on the floor.”

In her interview the other lass, an 11-year-old said: “My mum was just dying, bleeding to death … Then my dad ran off. My mum was lying on the grass.”

Godfrey Muzhuzha

Muzhuzha served 15 yrs for his crime at a prison in Hemel Hempsted but he died 2 weeks before his release. His family has set up a Go fund me page to help raise funds to send his body home.

Write his aunt:

“Hi there my name is Jane Mutukwa I am trying to raise funds to help repatriate the remains of my late nephew Godfrey Muzhuzha who sadly suddenly passed away on 3/5/2021 just before his release from prison. His immediate family members are in Zimbabwe and are unable to raise the funds required to repatriate his body back home. 

“We are aiming to  send the body in the next  few weeks  preferably 12/06/2021.

“Your support towards contributing to this good will be highly appreciated, thank you in advance and May God richly bless you.”