Chiredzi Prophet In Soup Over “Rape”
5 June 2021

By A Correspondent- A Chiredzi prophet allegedly inserted his fingers into the vagina and anus of a 16-year-old girl during a cleansing process.

The incident reportedly happened while the girl’s parents and siblings who accompanied her were sitting outside the hut where the rituals were taking place.

James Mutonhorera, 51, of Village 7 Uswaushava Triangle pleaded not guilty when he appeared before Regional Magistrate Judith Ziyu on Friday Masvingo Mirror reports.

The court heard that Mutonhorera became ecstatic during the cleansing and removed a bone from the girl’s stomach, another one from her breast, and a third from her back.

The incident happened on May 5, 2021.

The complainant alleged that after removing the three pieces of bones, Mutonhorera ordered her to remove her pulling socks because he wanted to remove something from her vagina.

He sprinkled some water on her and she allegedly fell unconscious as the prophet was inserting fingers into her vagina.

The State further alleges that the complainant’s skirt was pulled up when she regained consciousness and her vagina and anus were both painful.

Mutonhorera then showed her a bone that he removed from her vagina. The complainant says she doesn’t know exactly what happened when she was unconscious.

The girl narrated the story to her mother after discovering that her anus and vagina were painful.

Responding to the allegations, Mutonhori accused the girl of fabricating the story.