“May Justice Be Done For 19yr Old Woman Who Killed Would Be Rapist”: Mahere
10 June 2021

By A Correspondent- Advocate Fadzayi Mahere has come to the defence of a 19-year-old girl, Tariro Mututsa who killed a 40-year-old would-be rapist.

Mahere speaks as Mututsa has been charged with murder after repeatedly striking Sure Tsuro with a log until he could not walk.

Tsuro died hours later at a neighbour’s home in Nyenda Village, Kotwa. Speaking on the case, Mahere, a law lecturer at the University of Zimbabwe said:

_If a man is about to rape you, you’re entitled to act in self-defence. This is also a case where provocation would avail as a defence. I hope this brave young woman gets the necessary legal representation she needs to defend her._

_May justice be done._

An internal police memo by the Member in Charge of Kotwa Police Post, seen by ZimLivePolice suggests that Tsuro approached Mututsa around 10 AM on June 7 and proposed love but was turned down.

Tsuro threatened to throw away rice that was in a pot on the fireplace but later withdrew his intention and brought the pot back before going away.

He returned at around 9 PM but Matutsa once again turned him down prompting him to spill the boiling pot containing meat in protest.

Tsuro suddenly produced his erect privates and charged towards Mututsa who took glowing firewood, extinguished it using water and assaulted the now deceased several times on the legs and hands and twice on the head.

Tsuro staggered, walked out of the yard and fell to the ground 10 meters away.

Matutsa called her neighbour Patricia Makwanya who arrived at the scene with Kudzanayi Tsuro, a relative of the would-be rapist.

They helped Tsuro to Makwanya’s home where he was placed in a kitchen hut to sleep for the night. He that night.