Relief For Chagweda Family As President Chamisa Facilitates Treatment Of Accident Survivor
18 June 2021

Tinashe Sambiri|Zanu PF heavyweights who attempted to seize the burial of Gutu accident victims on Wednesday left the funeral proceedings in a huff after being humiliated by mourners and the bereaved family.

Zanu PF officials Pupurai Togarepi, Senator Lovemore Matuke and members of the feared Joint Operation Command(JOC) literally captured the funeral proceedings but later the left Chidyamakuni Village in awe after being embarrassed by mourners.

The Zanu PF bigwigs also attempted to block MDC Alliance leader President Nelson Chamisa from addressing mourners.This did not augur well with members of the bereaved family who maintained that President Chamisa had the right to address mourners as he was part of the family.

While the Zanu PF administration contributed a meagre RTGS 50 000 to the funeral programme, President Chamisa provided coffins and essential items.

President Chamisa is also taking care of the treatment of the survivor of the horrific accident.

Briefing the media at the funeral, President Chamisa said:

“I am here as a close relative of the bereaved family. In actual fact I am part of this family.

You have heard what the government officials have said. That’s their contribution…

We managed to provide the essential items, including coffins.

We are also taking care of the treatment of the survivor of the horrific accident.”

“This is a sad episode for the whole family.It is a sad episode for the entire village. It is a sad episode for the whole nation.

We are not here to fight. It is time for us to reflect on the devastating loss,” added President Chamisa.

President Chamisa in Gutu