Senior Lawyer Takes Gospel Music Beyond Constitutional Court.
11 July 2021
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By Dr Masimba Mavaza | 14 years ago four beautiful girls were beginning their phenomenal assault on the Christian music industry breaking all odds to shoot to the gospel world. Now they are behind the unprecedented gospel and pop chart success for the hit, Masaisai.

The band

Breeze is a man acapella comprised of Young people sharing the word with other young people in their own language. The music which is blast from the past is put in vernacular making the listeners want to jump and dance like David while keeping the dignity expected of gospel music. BREEZE is based on Harare and is ladies only group.

The angelic voices have pierced through the hearts and melted away may seasoned singers to grace the top five in the local hit.
It consists of four members who are motivated by God himself. Breeze has released few albums so far and a number of singles. These include ‘Hosanna’ (Acapella) in 2014, ‘A Breeze Story’ launched in 2018, Wanyamalala in 2020, Masaisai 2021. Masaisai has taken the radio gospel chat by a storm. Breeze does not only have good singers, it boasts of national beauty and the singing matches the beauty of the four singers. The members of Breeze are; Melody Mandisodza Muvuti, Sharon Govha, Bekezela Moyo and Nyaradzo Maphosa.
The four ladies are bound together by singing.

Melody Mandisodza Muvuti is a Music Teacher, this is easily seen by the professionalism she has hammered in the Breeze breezing music. Ironically her name points to the angelic rhythm beautified by the art and wisdom of Melody. Melody is again a Beautician. Her hand is seen in the sparkling beauty engraved in the most beautiful group member Nyaradzo Maphosa. Besides teaching music Melody mai Mhofu is an IT Technician who spends her spare time playing chess, basketball, hockey swimming. Breeze has travelled place and this fits very well with Melody who loves travelling.

Breeze boats of its other member the beautiful Advocate Nyaradzo Maphosa. She is devoted to music and she blesses the group with her electric smile. Nyaradzo is a
Legal Practitioner and a church Board member. She is Professional Editor who does more than singing she is a renowned . Int. Preacher.
As a learned friend and a writer Nyaradzo has the skill of writing songs. Nyaradzo can eve charm a hungry lion with her poetic writings. In her busy schedule and when she finishes singing Nyarie as her friends call her takes to swimming, hiking, safari and plays basketball. She is fit and athletic. Unlike cooks who do not like to eat what they have cooked Nyaradzo loves reading what she has written and many more written articles.
The group is blessed with another member Bekezela Moyo.

Becky as her friends call her is a who loves reading and travelling.
The group will not be complete without mentioning the laughing machine Who is a musician per excellency who loves travelling. She normally demands to travelling in a vehicle fired with a television as she loves watching television. She is Sharon Govha.
BREEZE is spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ in its generation, the message of preparedness for His kingdom, positive social comment, keeping hope in Him secure through the varied styles of songs.

The name ‘BREEZE’ is inspired by the entry of God’s Spirit in a tabernacle made by man. His spirit adds rejuvenation and sanctity to the tabernacle in a way best described as a refreshing breeze entering a tired, beaten life.”Breeze has promised fireworks and their singing has already started to melt the hearts of many.

The best is what they provide and they have steadily claimed the top post on the musical gospel chat. When it comes to singing like always those listening should expect a good show from Nyarie and the entire members of the group.

“It is also highly likely that Masaisai will join the ranks during their performance and still able to provide afternoons of mixing and mingling with people and hosting various sessions of preaching and singing.
Nyaradzo Maphosa said.

“We are geared up and look forward to another great showing we urge people to look out early as we have a number albums we hope to produce.

A music teacher and a operatic performer,guided by a lawyer gives the group direction at any speed as they have nurse aid should they pick injuries along the way. To round out the group They circulat fliers to young people in musical circles. “At the first hearing of Masaisai you will automatically know that thy have something special.”

Despite the threat of social decay and ministering to a society being “at risk,with backgrounds steeped in drugs and violence, and having to adhere to strict no drugs, no profanity, high moral standards rules within the choir, Masaisai quickly became immensely popular in Zimbabwe.

Breeze did not allow their ascendancy to gospel stardom to distance them from their roots and retained a deep friendship with the church. Breeze enjoys hosting cosy recitals. Over the years Breeze has had a myriad of performances; locally in all the cities and some areas in the country side; regionally in South Africa & internationally in the UK.
Just because Masaisai is selling like crazy doesn’t mean the group is straying from its gospel roots. Hey they are appealing to all ages and serve as a conduit to heaven.
Breeze is equally colourful in its language, their album has “everything from traditional praise worship to Sabbath morning foot stomp and Friday night bumpin’.” Having written the majority of the songs for the album and having played key live concerts Breeze is wildly enthusiastic about the singing. “This is an opportunity to express the side of us we don’t get to express with the Family.” Commented the beauty queen Nyarie. Breeze has managed to give our talented girls a platform to showcase their talents. It’s all part a new concept – a kind of crusade.

And more than fourteen years after forming, Breeze are still spreading their music joyously, in concert on zoom and online venues across the world. Breeze which is “Youth-orientated and energetic, it projected that you can have fun being Christian.”commented pastor Hewet from Corby. “God always does his thing in his own time. He’s the timekeeper,” he said. “When he decides to bless you, he will.”

Look for Breeze and be blessed. A new kid making waves.

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