Of Mwonzora And A Village Fool Who Claimed Ownership Of Neighbours’ Beautiful Homes
25 July 2021


Back then in the village when we were growing up, there was a notorious stupid fool who used to roam around pointing fingers at all the beautiful homes in the village.

Zvose, as the fool was mockingly referred to, would wake up from his dilapidated hut to roam around the whole village boastfully telling all who cared to listen that he owns all beautiful homes of his neighbors.

In Chitungwiza where I stay, kids playing outside could be heard claiming ownership of all passing planes hovering above them towards Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport.

The two aforementioned scenarios aptly sums up the persona of one the worst politicians in the country whose political career is dwindling at a frightening pace.

His name Douglas Togarasei Mwonzora!

This week when all other politicians who matter like President Nelson Chamisa were fixated at the worrisome surge in numbers of Covid-19 cases, Mwonzora shocked all and sundry by claiming ownership of everything MDC.

Mwonzora is oblivious of the fact that he was a full ZUM member, when Morgan Tsvangirai, Nelson Chamisa and others converged to form a people’s vehicle against dictatorship, the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) in 1999.

One wonders how does one end up claiming ownership of a movement he does not know how it was birthed.

Just like the boastful village idiot Zvose, Mwonzora is starring at the barrel of political extinction hence he drowns his sorrows of rejection by claiming ownership of an ever growing MDC Alliance party led by the popular Nelson Chamisa.

Like Chitungwiza kids who claim ownership of all passing planes, Mwonzora is blanketed in childish wishful thinking that he owns the people’s vehicle for change, MDC Alliance.

When we warned that MDC is deeply entrenched in the hearts and minds of people and not some building at number 44 Nelson Mandela in Harare, Mwonzora did not take heed.

Now that his political hut, the MDC-T is dwindling, he unashamedly claims ownership of the people’s big political mansion, the MDC Alliance.

Stolen legacy is always ephemeral, Mr Mwonzora.

Go back to the village kana dzarema!




Stephen Sarkozy Chuma
MDC Alliance Youth Assembly National Spokesperson

Douglas Mwonzora