Crisis At Registrar General’s Office Continues
27 July 2021

Zimbabweans have called for the decentralisation of the process of issuing national identity cards which is still a nightmare in Harare.

It is an agonising call of patience for these three gentlemen who are making their 6th attempt at acquiring national identity cards at the registrar general’s office in Harare.

From the information gathered by ZBC News, only 25 people are served per day, a number that is way below the hundreds who brave the cold winter mornings to acquire the important document

Unfortunately for these gentlemen, they will need to make a 7th attempt, because today is just like the previous attempts.

“I first came in June and was told to come back on the 23rd of July. I have been told to keep trying everyday as they don’t know when my name will be called. Those who have not booked were told to come in September,” said a Form 4 student.

“I have come here 5 times, they took 25 and closed the gate and we were told to come back,” another said.

Considering the huge backlog and growing population in Harare, some of the national identity card seekers believe a target of 25 people per day is not sufficient.

Another commented: “If we look at how big Harare is and they take just 25 people a day, you wonder. They should also visit the high-density areas and give people ID’s there. Decentralisation will ensure that at least they deal with the back log.”

The latest development has resulted in growing calls for the decentralisation of the exercise for more people to be served.