COVID-19: Gweru Battles High Demand For Graves
2 August 2021

THERE has been a surge in demand for graves in the city of Gweru amid indications that
from January to date, 65 people have been buried at council cemeteries compared to 45
the whole of last year.

The figures are high considering that there is a private cemetery which has also become
popular with residents intending to bury their beloved ones.

The demand for burial space at Gweru City Council cemeteries is said to have increased
since the onset of the Covid- 19 pandemic last year.

According to the statistics, Ms Chingwaramusee said Covid -19 related deaths account for
the bulk of the burials.

“What it means is that during the entire year of 2020 we only used 45 graves but now in
2021 in just seven months we have used 65 graves.

This means that deaths have increased this year compared to last year. And looking at
Ministry of Health and Child Care statistics, Covid -19 related deaths are increasing
hence we have to brace for more deaths,” she said.

Ms Chingwaramusee said at the central cemetery a grave for a child costs Z$ 854, adult
Z$1 708.

-State Media