Harare Hit By Serious Shortage Of Grave Diggers
3 August 2021

By A Correspondent- The city of Harare said it has been hit by a serious shortage of grave diggers owing to a high number of people dying of Covid-19 related illnesses.

The city council told NewsDay that they were burying over 40 people per day.

“It is true that we are somehow overwhelmed. We had sent half of our workforce home as part of the lockdown regulations and protocols, but we have brought everyone back because of the rise in demand for graves which is just too much now,” said Acting mayor Stewart Mutizwa.

“We are burying at least 40 people a day and the problem is there are some who apply and want to bury their loved ones the same day because of COVID-19.”
He said they pleaded for grave diggers from their partners and recently received 15 from a local funeral parlour to assist in addressing the crisis.
“We were overwhelmed to an extent that we asked our partners to assist. It is a challenge, but we are trying,” Mutizwa added.