“If Invited To POLAD, I Will Join”: Linda Masarira
3 August 2021

By A Correspondent- In an interview with Open Parly, Masarira said she has got her own cars already but just want a platform to table issues affecting people and have them addressed.

She said POLAD is currently the only platform offering the opportunity and given a chance she will join.

She said:

I realised that is the only platform where I can table the real issues affecting the voiceless and have them addressed. Antagonism will never fix the problems bedevilling ordinary people like me and you.

I have three cars, a Toyota Allion, a D4D and a T35, surely, I can’t be enticed by an Isuzu DMax. Anyway, people being people they will always have something to say.

As a party that is concerned about the growth of the ordinary person at the grassroots, we feel it is important for us to be part of POLAD so that we go and represent the voiceless, whose voices have never been heard.

For a long time, we have had political parties attaining seats in Parliament and moving their political agenda and not the agenda of the ordinary person in the streets. We have had people going into the council pushing their political party agendas ahead of what the ordinary person who voted for them wants.

So as for us LEAD, a social democratic party, which is hinged on pan Africanism we feel that it is important to also have a seat on the POLAD table so that we go and share ideas on how to develop the ordinary person and to ensure that every Zimbabwean has got an opportunity to create wealth and to live a decent life in our beautiful country Zimbabwe. And as you have asked and rightfully asked, given the opportunity to go and sit and share our ideas for sustainable livelihood in Zimbabwe we will definitely join POLAD.

Achievement of POLAD

Masarira said she was not aware of achievements made by POLAD so far “mainly because they haven’t spoken much about their achievements.”

She added:

But we have seen time and again Professor Madhuku and Innocent Netanyahu pointing out that they have been engagements between them and some ministries and that they have also been engaging in electoral reforms, but I don’t think I am the right person to be responding to what they have achieved as I am not part of POLAD.

She said it was important for Zimbabweans to work together because “for 20 so years Zimbabwe has been a highly toxic and volatile political environment which has led to unnecessary political violence.”