Just In: Robert Martin Gumbura Dies…
7 August 2021

Own Correspondent|Robert Martin Gumbura has reportedly died…

Robert Martin Gumbura

Sources claim Gumbura has succumbed to COVID-19 related complications.

Meanwhile, Chikurubi maximum security Prison has become a hot spot for covid 19.

A psychiatric section which has 400 psychiatric inmates 257 tested positive to covid 19 during the week, ZimEye can reveal.

This has forced the authorities to introduce forced vaccination and testing to officers and noone is allowed to enter chikurubi maximum security Prison gates without a vaccination card and testing certificate.

The infections havd been worsened by the lack of running water at Chikurubi complex for the past two weeks and both officers and inmates have been forced to fetch water from unprotected wells.

The development also comes at a time when when the prison facility has gone for more than 4 months without cooking oil for-prisoners’ food.