President Chamisa Speaks On ED Mentorship
8 August 2021

By A Correspondent |MDC Alliance leader President Nelson Chamisa is a man of integrity and wisdom.

On Friday he outwitted Zanu PF sympathizers who attempted to persuade him to authenticate Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa’s biography.

The biography has already been trashed by renowned scholars.

President Chamisa says he has nothing to learn from the book…

Responding to one Tendai Mwakwara’s remarks, President Chamisa said:

He ( Mnangagwa) is not my “college”. I hope you meant colleague. He is neither of both.I learn nothing from that lot.

Reggie Munyaradzi commented:
“You will find a mentor in ED to help you mature. You really need a mature and wise mentor”

President Chamisa responded:
“Honestly, you are joking. How can I have a mentor who has an evil past and present?

We are God fearing and cannot associate with such.”

President Chamisa