Wiwa Warns Mnangagwa Against Imposing Command Vaccination On Congregants
12 August 2021

Tinashe Sambiri|Fearless MDC Alliance vice chairperson Hon Job Sikhala has warned the Zanu PF regime against forcing congregants to produce vaccination cards before attending church services.

The imposition, according to Hon Sikhala, will certainly cause God’s anger to be kindled against the regime.

On Wednesday Hon Sikhala wrote on Twitter:

I have now grown to the level I no longer worry or care about those who hate or wish me dead. It is a major drawback to fully blow oneself to pursue the convictions of the heart.Zimbabwe is in a crisis of governance.

God is the Governor not the governed. Muchatsvukira henyu.

Kutoita zvima press conference to determine God’s work. Farisai zvine mwero.Mwari hazvidi izvozvo.”

He added :

“You are brewing nonsense for us and you think we don’t know. We will also create trouble for you.

Thinking that u hv the monopoly of destroying other people and their parties and think that we fold our arms kuzvinyepera.Muchapinda busy henyu.”

Hon Job Sikhala