Bishop Magaya Denounces “Command Vaccination”
13 August 2021

Tinashe Sambiri|Prominent Church leader, Bishop Ancelimo Magaya of Zimbabwe Divine Destiny has denounced the imposition of the vaccination programme on churches.

According to Bishop Magaya, violation of human rights is typical of Zanu PF DNA.

See statement below:

Whilst we acknowledge the fact that as Zimbabweans and in particular as churches we need to comply with WHO Guidelines to ensure we minimise the spread of this pandemic, we reject totally out of hand government’s approach this commandist iron fist like approach which has been in the ruling Zanu Pf party DNA to violate peoples rights, the rights to freedom of conscience, the rights to worship, the rights to assembly. It is discriminatory.

Yeah It is discriminatory and that should be rejected.

Why is it that government fails to use an approach where they campaign and persuade people, educate people and put in place measures that are not commandist to expedite the process of making sure that people get vaccinated?

Now it such an approach that promotes not only resistance but corruption as we hear that there are some vaccine cards that are being sold already.

Furthermore, we are aware that some Zanu Pf meetings under the guise of government business have never stopped.

Zanu Pf politburo meetings have been going on. Amai Auxilia’s Angel of Hope meetings have been going on. Have all these people been vaccinated?

We know that most if not all the Marange people where a 14yr old girl died whilst giving birth were not vaccinated. The government should stop diverting people’s attention from real issues such as their failure to prosecute blood suckers who force children into marriage.

We know that it is for political mileage that they cannot enforce this law to this vampire apostolic sect guising itself as church. This is hypocrisy of the highest order, it should be resisted.

We have already been responsible and we do not need this iron fist like commandist like approach.

It is bad when people begin to taste the sweetness of power even to this extent.