Hwange Man Kills Father In Law For Reprimanding Him Against Domestic Violence
24 August 2021

By A Correspondent- A Hwange man has been arrested for allegedly killing his father-in-law.

Wellington Shoko, aged 29, of Gamba 2 village under Chief Nekatambe in Hwange, was last week arrested after he allegedly killed his father-in-law, Chizeya Smart Ngwenya, for accusing him of physically abusing his daughter, Sekai Ngwenya.

He appeared before Provincial magistrate, Mrs Barbra Phiri facing a murder charge and was remanded in custody to 6 September.

The court heard that on 8 August 2021, Shoko’s sister-in-law, Joylet Ngwenya, informed her brother, Evans Ngwenya, that Shoko was assaulting their sister, Sekai.

Joylet and Evans then proceeded to Shoko’s homestead to investigate the alleged assault.

A misunderstanding arose resulting in Shoko biting Evans on the chin, sending him fleeing home. Shoko went on to follow Evans home, where he found him with his father-in-law. Ngwenya tried to resolve the dispute between the two fighting men, but failed.

Shoko then left for his homestead, but the three (Ngwenya, Evans and Joylet) followed him to his place where another misunderstanding ensued.

An enraged Shoko picked up a deformed shock absorber to defend himself against Evans, who was stoning him while father-in-law provided some lighting for his son with a torch.

Shoko turned on his father-in-law and struck him twice on the head with the shock absorber, resulting in him dying on the spot.

He fled from the scene and was later apprehended following a police report.

Mrs Kudzani Mudzamiri appeared for the state.