Lee Ann Bernard Clashes With Chatunga On Twitter
25 August 2021
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By A Correspondent| Former Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBCTV) News Anchor Lee Ann Bernard has clashed with the late President Robert Mugabe’s son Bellarmine Chatunga over the latter’s post where he differed with musician Mudiwahood’s statement that ‘being broke is a mindset’.

Posting on Twitter, Chatunga lashed at people who mock those trying to make ends meet saying some have made it in life due to connections while some have tried everything possible but still failed.

Chatanga said he had in the past come across people fighting hard to make things work without success.

“being broke is a mindset” statement iri is bullshit. I’ve seen some hustlers who tries very hard but zvichitoramba if yu ar privileged enough to get connections you don’t hve to mock varikuedza or put unnecessary pressure,” said Chatunga.

Bernard responded insisting that poverty is a choice since everyone has 24 hours to work.

“Poverty is a choice, we All have 24 hours in a day, its what you choose to do with it that differs,” said Bernard.

The debate was ignited by Hip Hop musician Mudiwahood who in his book ‘Shut Up And Make Money’ said poverty was a choice people make.