Come 2023 You Will Be The President Of Zimbabwe, Zambians Encourage Pres Chamisa
26 August 2021
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Tinashe Sambiri|Citizens of the Republic of Zambia have declared that MDC Alliance leader President Nelson Chamisa will win the 2023 Presidential plebiscite resoundingly.

President Chamisa and Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa are seen as the main players in the 2023.

However, the Zanu PF leader is grappling with internal party wars and a waning economy.

Citizens of the Republic of Zambia believe Mr Mnangagwa, whose political record is punctuated by gross violation of human rights, will not win the 2023 polls.

Responding to President Chamisa’s statement on his visit to Zambia, Mweemba Mubita wrote :
“Welcome to Zambia Sir, we shall also come to Harare for your inauguration in 2023, but because my grandmother was Zimbabwean, I’ll come a little earlier so I can also vote for you.”

James Moono wrote:
“Let’s go.. You are welcome to our beautiful and friendly country.”

Mendral Chitongo Arsenal:
“Welcome Chamisa to our Land Zambia, your time in Zimbabwe is coming too. Just be consistent!”

Hammes Kanondo:
“You are most welcome your excellency. You have been one of my mentors. Zimbabwe will be economically liberated under your leadership.

Kepi Mayala:
“Welcome to your second home mr President Advocate Nelson Chamisa. Happy to host you!”

Sasha Zonky Nelson :
Welcome to our home land ,,,mother Zambia the land of peace and tranquility.if only I can see u even for a second.stay blessed sir.

President Chamisa