Charamba Spokesperson Declares War On Private Daily Paper
27 August 2021
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By A Correspondent-President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s press secretary, George Charamba has declared war against a private daily and accused it of being funded by foreign embassies to tarnish the government.

Charamba made the accusations through a posting on his @Jamwanda2 Twitter account. He was responding to a story on the front page of Thursday’s Newsday, reporting on his reckless statement against the new Zambian President, Hikainde Hichilema.

” CHECK WHO NOW WORRIES ABOUT PRESIDENT E.D. MNANGAGWA’S IMAGE: Those who profit from reflexively soiling it, publication day-in, publication day-out! Thank God their newsletter just has a handful of inconsequential readers, however much those foreign embassies pour in!! My daily,” he posted.