Did Chamisa Discourage Vaccines, or He Simply Spoke Against the Donations HandOut-Scandal? | FACT CHECK
28 August 2021
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By A Correspondent | Talk has sprung under allegations that MDC Alliance President Nelson Chamisa is an anti vaxxer. These thoughts emerged from a chopped clip of a Zambia media interview of the man in the neighbouring country during the week.

Nelson Chamisa was responding to a question on Emmerson Mnangagwa vaccinating a section of the population and Chamisa spoke against the foreign donations syndrome, of which safety concerns have been raised by scientists far and wide, including Zimbabwe’s own Dr Robert Mudyiramwa.

the controversial clip in circulation

Vaccine manufacturing is a protected national security portfolio of developed countries, and locally the donation dependency syndrome has resulted in massive looting in which the Finance Ministry has been implicated.

Even if president Mnangagwa’s govt has managed to have 1.5 million people vaccinated out of the 1 million people 60% of the population …. asked the reporter, to which Chamisa quipped in saying:

“Vaccination is not done by government….vaccination is done by individuals who opt to be vaccinated, but on this matter, it is actually all donated by other countries.

“In this day and age, we are not even talking about our own pharmaceutical capacities, having our own laboratories as an African continent, to develop our own vaccines.

“Why should we wait for donors to deal with our health? Why do we trust those who are coming from outside to then come and give our the appropriate dose, or medicine for that matter?

“We are in the era of things like biological warfare. We have no guarantee that what we have is the best for the people…”

A recent video shows Mnangagwa threatening to withhold public services from unvaccinated people. At the time, his counterpart Cyril Ramaphosa would be announcing that no one will be forced into vaccination.

In recent months however most businesses around the country, currently struggling due to the the heavy carnage of employee and general public deaths, have begun demanding proof of vaccination.

Chamisa’s comments appeared to follow those of COVID Taskforce Chairperson Oppah Muchinguri who in January said she does not trust vaccines donated by the Chinese govt.

As for me I don’t want your vaccine, why don’t we manufacture our own?, Muchinguri said at the time, though she would 3 months later get the same inoculation having changed her mind.