“No Farming Inputs If You Don’t Support Mnangagwa”
29 August 2021
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MDC Alliance supporters in Chimanimani have claimed that Zanu PF officials have threatened to deny them free agricultural inputs under the presidential input scheme if they don’t support President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s re-election bid.

Zanu PF is mobilising to raise five million voters for the 2023 general elections.

MDC Alliance Manicaland spokesperson David Panganai said, ahead of the 2023 polls, there were growing fears of human rights violations by ruling party supporters, with the opposition supporters being intimidated and sometimes beaten up.

“I have reports of intimidation around Manicaland and Chimanimani in particular,” Panganai said.

“They are being told at meetings that if they do not vote for Zanu PF, they are not going to receive presidential inputs or they will be beaten.

“We have reports that our supporters are being asked by Zanu PF supporters to surrender their registration details so that they will get land. Why do they need registration details? This is clear intimidation.”

Founder of Young Entrepreneurs Trust Zimbabwe, Fungai Nhaitai, said he was manhandled by unknown persons who claimed that he was mobilising youths in Mutare to vote against Zanu PF.

A member of a local non-governmental organisation, Rutendo Gwawu, who also attended a meeting organised by Nhaitai was caught up in the storm.

Gwawu said he was taken outside the meeting by some people impersonating the police and quizzed over his political affiliation.

Zimbabwe has a history of human rights abuses towards elections.

But Zanu PF Manicaland acting secretary for administration Misheck Mugadza said: “These are lies, we are a democratic party. We are focusing on mobilising five million votes ahead of the 2023 elections. New dispensation does not abuse people, MDC supporters should come and get presidential inputs and land.”- NewsDay

Emmerson Mnangagwa