No Beer For Unvaccinated Patrons
2 September 2021
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By A Correspondent- Some beer drinking outlets in Bulawayo have started barring patrons not vaccinated against Covid-19 from entering their premises.

Imbibers who spoke to a local publication said they have been denied entry at some bars in the city because they are not vaccinated.

One of the places where unvaccinated patrons are no longer allowed in is the Palace Hotel located at the corner Jason Moyo and 8th avenues.

“I am a regular patron of Palace Hotel but I was shocked last week when bouncers manning the door demanded Covid-19 vaccination card from me. Since I am not vaccinated, I tried to argue with the bouncers that it is unlawful to deny me entry just because I am not vaccinated but they refused me entry,” said a patron who only identified himself as Tau.

Tau said following the move by the hotel’s management, he has now found a new drinking place where the cards are not required.

Another bar located in Parklands in the city is also now screening patron at the entrance.

“Management last week wrote a memo informing all its patrons to be vaccinated. The deadline for the vaccination was 28 August 2021. Since then we are no longer accepting anyone who is not vaccinated to patronise our bar. The message has been communicated to all our members,” said a bar attendant.

However, Bulawayo based human rights lawyer Nqobani Sithole said while bar owners have a right of refusing patrons admission in line with the Covid-19 protocols the practice becomes unlawful where one can be able to prove that he is Covid-19 negative.

“They (bar owners) have a right of refusing admission in line with Covid-19 protocols. But if you can prove that you are negative, the decision would be irrational and, therefore, unlawful. One can do a test case against it if you can show that you are Covid-19 negative and that their decision is irrational,” said Sithole.

A number of government and quasi-government departments are now forcing their workers to vaccinate against the deadly pandemic.

Some of the parastatals who have forced their workers to vaccinate include the Grain Marketing Board (GMB) and TelOne.