Midlands Youths Rally Behind Mnangagwa | OPINION
3 September 2021
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By Kelvin Kasiwulaya Midlands Zimbabwe
And Dr MASIMBA MAVAZA Midlands England | The vigorous campaign to woe the youth to ZANU PF is yielding fruits as the youth flock to ZANU PF in their numbers. In that spirit the Youths in the Midlands Province have sworn true alligiance to President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa saying they will cast their votes for the visionary leader in the upcoming 2023 harmonized elections. The youth have realised that they are the owners of their own future and thus they must entrust it with a person who will guard it with his life. Having searched everywhere the youth found no one worthy than cde MNANGAGWA.

These sentiments come at a time when, The ruling Party ZANU-PF is preparing to gunner more than 5million votes in the upcoming plebiscite.

In an interview Zanu-PF Midlands Province Youth Political Commissar Cde Simbarashe Mtukwa has assured his President Mnangagwa that youths in the Midlands Province are hundred percent behind him.

“Come 2023 the youthbase in the Midlands Province from Gokwe to Mberengwa will add our fair share to the 5million votes targeted by the revolutionary party”

We support the visionary leadership of our revolutionary leader CDE ED. We say 2023 5 million votes ED PFEEEE

Cde Mtukwa also encouraged the youth to join Zanu-PF and have their names written in the cell registers across the ZANU-PF districts in the Midlands Province.

Our youth leadership in the province should make sure that every youth member both new and old should get their names written at the cell level of the party.

I also encourage our village heads, farm owners to help in the registration of new and old members in the party branches and cells, he said.

Speaking on the same note, Shurugwi youths in mining also accertained their support for President Emmerson Mnangagwa

We as the small scale artisanal miners in Shurugwi will vote for Zanu-PF and Cde Mnangagwa, our president has been very supportive especially in the mining sector, we are grateful for the mining opportunities that we have been given, said Conrad Mudzengi an artisanal miner at Wander Mine Shurugwi.

Another Artisanal mine in Mvuma( Chirimhanzu Zibagwe Constituency) Raymond Mbofana also commended the leadership of Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa.

We were allocated mining claims in the Mhou Nyikavanhu area some were also given mining machinery and claims from Siso mine, Bendigo and Zepline mines.

This has gone a long way in creating employment and poverty alliviation in our area, Said Mbofana.

This move by Zanu-PF youths to reaffirm their support to the party and the President is evidence enough that the ruling party will gunner more than 5million votes in the upcoming 2023 plebiscite.

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