“Report Gun Holders”: Police Urge Citizens
4 September 2021
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By A Correspondent- The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has urged people to report all suspected gun holders to the police so that they can verify if the guns were legally acquired.

In a statement, ZRP said reporting suspected firearm holders to the police will help in combating armed robberies in the country.

This comes after two armed robbers besieged a village in Muzarabani on Monday and stole property valued at US$ 4 827. Police said in the statement:

The ZRP urges members of the public to report all suspected firearm holders to the Police for verification of firearm licences and thwart incidences of robbery in communities.

This follows a robbery incident that occurred at Dzivamupamba Village, Muzarabani on 30/08/21, where two unknown suspects armed with an unidentified rifle besieged villagers and stole property valued at US$ 4 827.

The ZRP said they recovered 41 spent bore bullet heads on the scene and investigations carried so far have indicated that the suspects could be using a 12 Bore shotgun or a Mossberg shotgun.