Jonathan Moyo Threatens Chamisa Saying, ‘Your Party Can Be Destroyed At Any Time, Tell Your Supporters Not To Insult Me.
6 September 2021
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Jonathan Moyo

By A Correspondent | The man who got tens of thousands killed and millions of Zimbabweans pushed out of the country through his murderous “Hondo yeminda” campaings, the exiled Prof Jonathan Moyo has attacked the MDC Alliance President Nelson Chamisa while demanding that he orders his supporters to stop insulting him.

The development comes at a time when Jonathan Moyo regularly insulted his former boss Emerson Mnangagwa on social media.

Writing on Saturday, Jonathan Moyo loudly complained against insults while threatening the MDC Alliance saying the party “is not invincible” – meaning it can be destroyed at any time.

Former Foreign Affairs Minister Walter Mzembi had announced saying, until Nelson Chamisa stands up and calls his followers to order Prof Jonathan Moyo and many others will continue to be abused.

“I have not seen or read where he has publicly censored his followers and many who have parted ways with @mdczimbabwe lead the abuse,” he said.

Jonathan Moyo then quipped in to say:

“Hear hear hear. But there comes a time when enough is enough. Zimbabwe is bigger than any individuals or groups, no matter how noisy they are on what they think about themselves.

“It is ironic that a party that has lost hordes of its founding stalwarts, pretends to be invincible!”