Java Causes Stir, Spreads Covid, Addresses Hundreds Maskless People In Glenview
7 September 2021

By A Corespondent- Passion Java has caused a stir at Glenview 8 home market, where he addressed hundreds of people without observing Civid-19 protocols.

This week, the overzealous Zanu PF apologist was the Glenview 8 home market campaigning for Zanu PF President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

At the market, Java is seen in a video addressing hundreds of maskless people stampeding to shake hands with him.

This is happening at a time the police are arresting ordinary people for merely not properly wearing masks.

Yesterday in Chitungwiza, the police arrested MDC-Alliance National Chairman Job Sikhala’s daughter for contravening Covid-19 regulations when she was shooting her birthday pictures.

Java has been moving around the country, mobilising for Zanu PF and addressing hundreds of people without observing Covid-19 protocols, but