Zanu Pf’s Abdul Sapa Rejected By Own Community
7 September 2021
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By A Correspondent- The Indo-Paki community in Harare has allegedly written to ZANU PF Headquarters asking that the party replaces and disciplines Ward 5 council candidate Abdul Sapa who has been described as a domestic terrorist.

A member of the Indo-Paki community who spoke on condition of anonymity said Indians and Pakistanis living in Harare were not happy with the conduct of Abdul Sapa who is accused of having caused the death of respected community leader Ashraf Bhagoo.

Abdul Sapa is accused of using his close proximity to security sector bosses to terrorise the Indo-Paki community in the name of the party and security chiefs.

The source revealed that Abdul Sapa allegedly masterminded a robbery at Sarwar Shah’s residence in Milton Park which led to the death of Ashraf Bhagoo.

Sarwar Shah runs the Hello Paisa brand in Zimbabwe. It is reported that Shah received 2.5 million USD on the 11th of September through official channels which he was meant to divert and fund illegal gold buying deals.

Abdul Sapa has served as a henchman and gold smuggler for Shah. It is reported that Sapa uses state security agents in smuggling the gold.

Sapa was infuriated by Shah who did not renew his security services as he had released that Sapa was untrustworthy and unreliable.

Sapa allegedly then used his ex CID homicide colleagues to stage a robbery at Shah’s house. Ashraf Bhagoo a respectable elder and leader of the Indo-Pakistani community was shot during the Sapa masterminded robbery.

Sapa claims to be a ZANU PF loyalist and brags that he has ties to generals who protect him.

Sapa has allegedly terrorized the Indian moslem community he sends robbers , Zimra, ZACC, sacu , homicide , to raid Indian households and runs an extortion ring.

Members of the Indo-Pakistani community have vowed to continue supporting Zanu PF but they demand that the party replaces Abdul Sapa as his warlord tendencies which have left the community living in fear are going to cost the party in the 2023 elections.

The IndoPak community said they have a huge pool of talented , patriotic and politically clear individuals who can replace Abdul Sapa.

Members of the IndoPaki community are in the process of compiling a dossier on Abdul Sapa and his criminal activities.