Chamisa Confronts Chigumba Over Voter Registration
9 September 2021
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By A Correspondent- The Nelson Chamisa led MDC Alliance has confronted the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) over voter registration process.

The party reached out to Registrar General’s office and complained about ZEC’s failure to register new voters especially the youths.

“The existing facilities are underutilised, and it is clear that no system is responsive to reality on the ground, which are the issues we are highlighting. We are, therefore, proposing that all of us put sufficient pressure on ZEC to do what they are capable of doing by the law, and we wonder why they are not doing it. In 2017, when the BVR (Biometric Voter Registration) was introduced, we had enough registration kits. Those kits are now gathering dust and it is a shame that we collectively allow that kind of thing to continue”, MDC Alliance Secretary for elections Ian Makone told journalists in Harare at a press conference.

Makone called on both ZEC and the registrar’s offices to decentralise their operations to enable citizens to acquire identification documents and register to vote.

Party spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere said the MDC Alliance’s focus was assisting the youths in registering to vote.

” Our clear message for the young is to register to vote. Once you register to vote, the kind of change we promise is change that actually services your needs,” said Mahere.