Wiwa: Lies Grounded On Hatred And Persecution Will Always Fail
9 September 2021
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By Hon Job Wiwa Sikhala | Yesterday I watched from a distance some State apparatchik pontificating and spreading lies targeted at my family through falsely alleging that my son Job Sikhala Jnr was involved in the murder of a person accused of midnight robbery at my neighbor’s house.


Today as my son was appearing in Court I allowed one of the most brilliant young lawyers Zimbabwe has ever produced Fred Michael Masarirevu to handle the case. I went for the trial case of my client at Rotten Row and in the same vein attend Hopewell Chin’ono’s trial resume.

After realizing the futility of the accusations bundled into the Form 242, a document that police use to keep individuals on remand on purported need to investigate, the Court released my son today.

My confidence in the legal ability of Fred Masarirevu proved me right. He handled the matter with his usual meticulous ability.

He has been released on the same conditions Apostle Mupereki and his sister were released on. What the regime doesn’t know is that I don’t get moved by such ludicrous stupidity. Attack on my family is cowardice of the highest degree only practiced in outposts of uncivilized societies and autocrats.

Continue bringing it on and I will fight. Fighting is in my veins. I am not a character easily moved by madness. Only that the regime misunderstands what I am made of. I am difficult and sophisticated.

Tichapedzerana chete.
Kudos Fred.