Teenager’s Corpse Found In Toilet
10 September 2021
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By A Correspondent- The body of a Redcliff teenager was in the early hours of Tuesday found hanging in a local church toilet.

Residents from Redcliff’s suburb of Torwood found the body of Tinotenda Gundira in a toilet after the 15-year-old school dropout had gone missing.

Redcliff councillor Maxin Dabvu confirmed the incident.

Dabvu, however, said Gundira’s death remained a mystery.

“It’s very sad and tragic that we have lost such a young life under such unclear circumstances,” he said.

According to Dabvu, the community is convinced Gundira might have been murdered.

“We suspect the now deceased could have been murdered in a suspected artisanal mining fight and then they hung his body in the church’s toilet so that it would appear as if he had committed suicide,” said Dabvu.

The now deceased was involved in illegal coal mining within Zisco Steel environs.

“Due to unemployment, many youngsters have turned to various ways of survival, some of which is dangerous. Following the closure of Zisco Steel life has been tough for the Redcliff residents, but particularly tougher for the youths,” said Dabvu.