Harare Poly Kills Self Over Pregnant Girlfriend
11 September 2021
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By A Correspondent- A student from Harare Polytechnic committed suicide after his girlfriend of 4-years eloped to another man.

The deceased body of 27-year-old Takudzwa Chifamba was found hanging at his friend’s house in the same suburb in Highfield.

Battery acid, rat poison and a piece of rope were found next to his body.

Takudzwa decided to take his own life when he discovered that his girlfriend (only identified as Christine) had eloped after being  impregnated by another man.

Family spokesperson Brian Chifamba confirmed Takudzwa’s tragic death saying;

“We have been robbed of a loving brother who showed brilliance in most of his works.”

“He failed to receive immediate counselling after he learnt about his lover’s pregnancy for another man,” he said.

He reportedly left a suicide note at Christine’s house and also sent similar notes to some of his friends.

In the suicide note,Takudzwa wrote that he regretted giving his love to Christine. He also revealed that  there was a book with a written agreement with Christine to marry.

Before he committed suicide he tried to reach out to some of his friends but unfortunately they were not available. They only got to see his messages after he had passed on.

Social media influencer Wellence Mujuru urged boys and men to stop chosing suicide as an alternative but address their mental health matters through confiding and seeking help from others.