Jah Prayzah Opens Up On New Business Plans
17 September 2021
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By A Correspondent- Musician Jah Prayzah says he wants to invest in music advertisement.

The music sensation who this year released eight videos off his latest album Gwara, was ecstatic at the feat which he described as a milestone on Zimbabwean terms.

“In other countries like Nigeria who have huge populations of over 200 million, one million Facebook followers is nothing but in Zimbabwe with our population of less than 15 million, having one million followers who are all organic is huge!” said the dreadlocked musician.

He stressed that having organic followers on social media will give an artiste an idea on what direction to follow.

“This milestone means we now know where our people are and we no longer need to stick to the traditional advertising methods like posters and billboards.

“We can now directly talk to the people that love us through our social media pages like Facebook,” he said.

Jah added that there are a number of advantages of using social media for artistes.

“What I love about social media is communication with the fans is instant and we get to view their feedback almost immediately. Dialogue is also possible because social media came and changed the game.

“We are happy with our followers not just on Facebook but other social media networks like Twitter and Instagram. We are also very happy with our YouTube numbers and subscribers,” he said.

Jah even shared some tips for artistes on how to grow their following on social media.

“If you want followers, you have to entertain people. You cannot just start a page and expect it to grow when you are not posting anything to engage your audience. You have to put some effort. You have to feed your followers with regular content, be it a funny picture, a skit or video.

“That is the strategy we have used and it is working as shown by these one million followers. I do not take them for granted for they each took their time to click ‘like’ on my Facebook Page so I’m always thinking of ways to entertain them and make it worth their while,” he said.

The response from Jah’s fans and corporate partners was overwhelming and below are some of the comments that appeared on social media.

Congratulations Jah Prayzah on hitting one million Facebook followers! It takes hard work, persistence and determination to find such loyalty from your audience. Keep shining, keep going Mwendaz, you are a shooting star. We are proud to have you as our brand ambassador.

Well done, Sahwira! #SahwiraMukuru #UmnganeOmkhulu – Nyaradzo Group

Thank you so much my Sahwira Mukuru. All glory be to God for the fan loyalty, talent and ambition to succeed – Jah Prayzah’s response

I’m your number one fan jah Jah Prayzah, may you continue to make me feel at easy when nothing else can, your songs has a way of calming me down, they give me hope and strength, thanks mukoma Jah – Debra Sibara

Congratulations Varwizi nekupinda muchiuru chechiuru. To Sahwira mukuru I say next time also acknowledge fans (audience) in your message – Dickson Bandera

Only God can lead the way …….rangarira kwabviwa …….tinoda sungano….sorry mama vana venyu tadzoka ……it was God since day one #jahprayzah# – Tinashe Chinodakufa

You are one in a million may you continue to succeed and be known globally lots of love to you – Resca Chisahwira

Ndini the 1 millionth follower saka follow back yangu pano sixzw, whatever inspired the song SOJA RINOSVIKA KURE, was spot on – Robert Mugobi

Music yako I original mune talent mdra – the African child

Meanwhile, Norton Independent Member of Parliament, Temba Mliswa has accused Jah Prayzah of sleeping around with married women.

In a threaded tweet, motormouth Mliswa called out the Mudhara Achauya singer on twitter and cautioned him to stop bedding married women and ladies who are engaged to other men. Read more …