Zanu Pf Stalwart Attacks Former MDC Alliance Councilor, Leaves Him Injured
18 September 2021
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Rydes Machekera

By  Correspondent- Zanu Pf stalwart Godfrey Mlambo is under fire for assaulting former MDC Alliance ward 2 councillor Rydes Machekera.

Mlambo beat up Machekera (Friday) and the matter was reported at Chegutu Hintonville police station under RRB number 4792968.

Said a source privy to the development:

“Mlambo attacked Machekera with fists over his body and he fell down before he started kicking him while he was lying on the ground.

This must be politically motivated violence because Machekera is a wellknown MDC Alliance supporter who in August passed through Rukau shopping centre and this was a venue where the Zanu pf stalwarts were holding their meeting. This could the reason why he was assaulted.”

ZimEye has it on good authority that on the day in question, Mlambo waylaid Machekera and started accusing him of trying to be important for nothing.

“He started shouting at him telling him that ane dzungu. When he queried what he meant and why he was shouting at him, Machekera was beaten up. Mlambo did not give any explanation on why he was attacking him.”

Machekera refused to comment on the matter but told ZimEye that he was not well.

A close relative however confirmed that Machekera had sustained ear injuries from the attack and was now experiencing a serious headache.

Efforts to get a comment from Mlambo was work in progress by the time of writing.