‘Those Who Want Change In Zimbabwe Should Also Become Political Activists’
21 September 2021
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By Dudzai Mukondorongwe| Nowadays the word activist is now being associated with troublesome people who disrupt people’s lives by making unrealistic demands. But that’s just right wing propaganda.

The fact of the matters is people who want change can no longer rely on voting every 5 years during an election but have to be very active on social media and various forms of pushing their agenda. We know there is currently a successful drive to get people to register to vote in the 2023 election.

But if we are to go into the election year with momentum, those of who want change need to be hot on social media attacking this Zanu PF regime left, right and centre,  while of course mobilising on the ground. We need to be exposing Zanu PF for their corruption and human rights abuses. Even more importantly, we need to remind the international community that Zanu PF cannot be trusted on anything especially that which involves money or business.

Just imagine this government being given money to fight climate change. We are talking about people (Zanu PF) who use advice from dodgy spirits for everything from government policy to their leader’s dress code.

Let’s be honest, Zanu PF doesn’t give two hoots about climate change!! Their future plans don’t exceeded 10 years those old men. They are selfish which is why they are looting.  These are facts about which we should remind the world, which is why activism is needed.

Again, a lot of people sneer at the word ‘activism’. But in reality there is activism everywhere we look. Activism involves a dedicated push for change by bringing into light problems and solutions, and winning hearts and minds.

The US President, the UK Prime minister and every powerful person in the world are always tweeting, giving interviews, writing in newspapers every single day.  All this is political activism. These powerful men (they tend to be men) live very affluent lives, yet they are still engaging in political activism.

Even the self-elected President of Zimbabwe himself has a Twitter account from which he says all his lies and nonsense. So what excuse does a poor and oppressed person have for not engaging in political activism? If we want change we have to be activists. Registering to vote and just sitting back will not suffice. We really have to get busier because the enemy is busy.