Juvenile Rapes 5 Minors, Goes Awol
24 September 2021
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By A Correspondent- A Lower Gweru juvenile allegedly raped two sisters and three cousins aged between six and eight years, and ran away when the crimes were discovered.

The boy allegedly raped his two sisters aged seven and eight respectively as well as three cousins, one aged seven and the other two, six years.

Both the boy (15) and the complainants lived with their grandmother when the alleged rape incidents occurred.

According to a police memo from the Gweru Rural Police Station addressed to the officer commanding Gweru rural district, the boy disappeared after the alleged last rape incident on September 8.

It is alleged that on the day he disappeared at around 11pm at a plot in Lower Gweru, the 60-year-old granny heard the five minor girls making noise in their bedroom hut.

One of the children said she had screamed during a rape ordeal, waking the others up.

Upon being discovered, the juvenile took off and was never seen again.

The other children also narrated their ordeals at the hands of the juvenile.

On September 14, the granny went to Insukamini police base where she filed a report.

Two police constables took the girls to Gweru Provincial Hospital for medical examination.

The matter is being investigated under Gweru rural RRB number 4629720.