President Chamisa Exposes Mwonzora Hypocrisy
25 September 2021
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Tinashe Sambiri|MDC Alliance leader President Nelson Chamisa personally made recommendations for the appointment of Douglas Mwonzora to the Senate…

Speaking in an interview with Heart and Soul Tv on Thursday, President Chamisa said Mwonzora, Morgen Komichi and Elias Mudzuri have forgotten that he played a key role in their appointment to the Senate.

“They know what they did in 2014 and President Tsvangirai was aware of their shenanigans.

I convinced Mutsekwa to step aside to give space for Mwonzora to be appointed to the Senate.

My message to them is that borrowed robes are temporary,” said President Chamisa.

He also said only genuine and sincere dialogue can resolve the country’s political stalemate.

President Chamisa described POLAD as a platform created by Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa to dictate his political will…

He also accused the Zanu PF regime of stifling meaningful development in local authorities.

“Zanu PF is stifling development in local authorities by politicizing the approval of key budgets. We cannot be be blamed for the problems that are affecting citizens in urban areas because Zanu PF controls the allocation of resources to local authorities.
If anything you can only blame Mr Mnangagwa’ s administration for sitting on budgets and initiatives.Roads are now rivers ( as it were) because of potholes.They are stealing ZINARA funds,” said President Chamisa.

He added:”Zanu PF has created its own opposition led by Douglas Mwonzora so you cannot say we have lost the right to use the MDC brand.

We have not lost the leadership dispute- don’t worry about Zanu PF surrogates. We are the real deal and we are the genuine game in town.
Actually Zanu PF is strengthening us.

They want to force us to disclose our strategies and we will not do that – don’t listen to Zanu PF political rhetoric. Zanu PF can convince you that monkeys are donkeys …
Mr Mnangagwa has subtly admitted that we are in charge.”

On the so called defections he said :”Who wants a basket full of bad apples ?
Mr Mnangagwa has failed to unite country- he is immature.
He cannot separate politics from national issues.He is only concerned about clinging to power.”

President Chamisa said POLAD was created to sanitize Mr Mnangagwa’s stolen mandate.

” It’s Mr Mnangagwa’s own creation, he is the prefect of the platform.
We are not puppets – POLAD is a discredited platform – we want honest dialogue facilitated by a neutral player.”

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