“The Opposition Will WinIn 2023”: UANC President Dr Gwinyai Muzorewa
29 September 2021

The opposition parties, correctly to be termed and regarded as the alternative government, will win the 2023 harmonized elections. This is not a prophecy, but reasons:

  1. The alternative government [opposition parties] will live up to the conventional ideals of “alternative”, which include aiming at conducting their affairs as the “alternative” to the 39 years of two faces of the same reality. Alternative government does not represent an “opposing element” of the ruling party. Furthermore, thinking and operating in terms of “a major and minor opposition parties” incapacitates and weakens the impact of the alternative government. People want to be positive and that is what the alternative government concept is. Parties that live only “to oppose” the ruling party, and even oppose other parties sharing the same goal to form government, tend to become expert at negativity. Such a mindset undermines itself. It has no vision, beyond revision and division. Also such a mindset assumes that division, not unity, is normal for any nation. “Them-or-us”. This also is the “now it’s our turn to eat” mentality, which is not an ideal philosophy, certainly not for a-15million population like Zimbabwe.  Rather, now let’s demonstrate good governance, where inclusive unity in diversity is a healthy philosophy. This is what will contribute to the alternative government winning in 2023.   
  • The alternative government will strive at forming a government with “good policies” put in practice, given the people’s mandate, rather than compete for a Presidential seat. Parties that fight for an individual to be “president”, regardless of his or her capability or lack thereof, wisdom or lack thereof, or selfishness or abundance thereof and corruption, succeed in forming a cult, not national leadership. This has been Zimbabwe’s narrative for the past 40 years: populism at the expense of productivity, constitutionality and integrity. Good government always consists of a Cabinet, an independent judicial system and the legislature. These traditional checks-and-balances are designed purposefully to ircumvent state capture. State capture is legalized corruption intended to benefit a few elite in power and their cronies. It is also a predictable path to authoritarianism, or even dictatorship. The real remedy for state capture and its evil antennas, is alternative government. This is why the people will choose an alternative government in 2023.
  • The alternative government will consist of parties which are branded by the spirit of political and social inclusiveness as well as national development.  We consider “professional  talent” and  “national commitment”, especially at the Cabinet and Ministerial levels, because serving the nation is not so much of “party affinity” as commitment to national development. Party  “proportions” serve the luxury of being in Parliament, at the expense of national development but commitment to national development serves both the urban and the rural populations. Real decentralization is not spreading government offices throughout the country, although this helps, but having large manufacturers to operate their companies in the rural areas where the majority of our voters live. Given reasonable tax-incentives, they will build good roads and bridges for their vehicles [and ours, too!]; they will build nice, adequately staffed clinics, schools and business centers for themselves [and us], and so forth. This is one way the nation will get real lasting benefits from these multi-national corporations some of whom are extractive and nothing else.   In 2023, the people will choose to vote for a government which is expected to bring an alternative to Zimbabwe. This will make the whole nation flourish, rather than enrich a few cartels, which typically trust offshore banking, in alliance with extractive multi-national cooperation.
  • As the alternative government, the genuine parties will win because they are “opposed” to the prevailing corruption, State capture, narcissism and entitlement. The majority Zimbabweans know too well and are opposed to this. We are “opposed” to policies not people.  The present ruling party will need lots of funding to campaign against the winners, using the tax-payers money. They will spend more because they have much to cover up. But they cannot be the alternative of themselves. Will the 39 years of government “campaign “ for them?  They know that those who usually voted for the ruling party will now switch to the alternative and vote for the “policies” that will lead to national economic development. Everyone is yearning for a better economy,[jobs, industry, steady currency] and democracy [good governance, real freedom, the rule of law] not a political party. A political party is a segment of a nation.  
  • A bona fide alternative government believes that national interests must precede all personal, family, tribal and even political party interests. When we fought for the liberation of our country, we recruited everyone – – male, female and all tribes, to join. For instance, at age 16 in High school, I was not even aware that Joshua Nkomo was Ndebele, Rev Ndabaningi Sithole was  Ndau.  We were all Zimbabweans fighting for one thing – -our country. – – and against one common enemy, the Colonial system. Black majority rule, against White minority rule. The incumbent versus the alternative. That’s all that mattered. Now only a select are privy to enjoy freedom. Surprisingly, these few must protect themselves with guns in their own land of birth. Should the rest of us not expect the national constitution to protect our civil liberties?  That, in itself sends a loud message. Something is seriously wrong. The majority of the Zimbabwean prisons are there because they were trying to survive in a nation ravished due to poor economic policies. Some are jailed because they had “nothing to do” in a country that used to receive laborers from Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia because there was shortage of workers in the nation’s population.
  • People will choose the alternative government because it will not mortgage Zimbabwe to external powers, under the guise of “Foreign policy”.  This nation must be guarded jealously not only because we purchased our freedom with blood, but because it has 40 precious minerals meant for Zimbabwe’s prosperity [$12 billion annually, potentially]. Today our country is “Zimbabwe” and everything else is in its womb. Logic tells us that the womb must have priority protection over the contents. By the same analogy, if the womb is destroyed, the precious baby inside is also ruined.  All other elements are parts of the whole. All Zimbabweans, including the 4 million in Diaspora, belong to Zimbabwe. Some have involuntarily left due to the economics, politics, under-development and various other national circumstances caused by a small number of self-centered human beings. Diaspora is not an alternative country for Zimbabweans.  Zimbabweans will come home when there is an alternative government.
  • The alternative government will win because their goal is the people’s goal. We strive to make Zimbabwe better, more democratic, advanced technologically, politically and to revamp the economy by responsible management of our national resources. Such a government will attract most of its citizens in the Diaspora. Have you ever wondered why Zimbabwe’s former colonizers are subtly fighting to come and invest in the country?
  • And why our youth and even elderly non-pensioned retirees are queueing for passports to leave the country? Also, think of this: since it is true that there are more than 4 million Zimbabweans who left, and 2.4 million who voted against the present government, the message is clear: almost half the nation’s population [15 million] including those who fought for its liberation, have left, leaving behind the land of birth. This is why the alternative government will win, but we have to make the choice and the power.