MDC Alliance Youth Assembly Condemns Arrest Of Harare Yuoth Leaders
30 September 2021


The MDC Alliance Youth Assembly is riled by the arrest and detention of its leaders from Harare Province today.

We condemn in strongest terms the arrest of our youth leaders for exercising their right to petition and demonstrate as enshrined in Section 59 of the country’s supreme law,

The Constitution of Zimbabwe. Among those arrested is Harare Province’s Secretary, Denford Ngadziore. Apart from our youth leaders, nearly 8 journalists were rounded up by the police.

This is a clear indication too that Emmerson Mnangagwa’s regime has criminalized journalism. Those arrested were picked up near ZEC Provincial Offices at Cecil House.

As the MDC Alliance Youth Assembly, we want to put it clear to the regime that the arrests are illegal and unconstitutional!

The regime is behaving worse than terrorist organizations like Boko Haram on its very own citizens hence threatening peace if citizens are to respond.

A regime that does not respect citizens’ rights like that of Mnangagwa risks public anger and is a threat to peace.

We demand for the immediate release of our members.

#DefyOrDie #RegisterToVoteZw #NgaapindeHakeMukomana

Stephen Sarkozy Chuma

MDC Alliance Youth Assembly National Spokesperson