Of Young People In Busines And Zim Political Environment …
1 October 2021
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By Vimbai D Tanyanyiwa

Being a Zimbabwean Youth in Business is very tough cause as much as you try to not be involved in politics it always comes back to haunt you.

The policies in place that affect the economy are put there & drafted by the same politicians you try so much to not be aligned to. So basically what am I saying? I am saying we are


The environment right now is not favourable to anybody – we are doing toxic politics in Zimbabwe.
People can’t publicly express what they support cause they will be attacked.

If you are in business & you choose to support opposition you will have problems in your business with the other team. Who knows they might just wake up taking it from you or framing charges of any sort on you
If you support the ones in charge – you will be dragged by the opposition left right & centre & bullied into submission
What am I saying? We are doing toxic politics in Zimbabwe & we need to change?

The reason why some seem Apolitical is because if they tell you what they truly support; the likes will drop – they will lose the respect you give them & they will be attacked so they will pretend to laugh with you in comments & act like you share the same interests yet they are propelling those making us all suffer in poverty.
If only we could be tolerant we would know who exactly is with us in this journey & who isn’t & you wouldn’t guess people’s loyalty but because if an artist posts a message you swarm on his wall & you attack him ; you have made it obvious that only one side has to be supported & I disagree with that.

What is democracy if our behaviour is going to be that of dictators? Let’s be tolerant so that we really know who is who & we don’t wake up thinking the other guys don’t have support yet the ones we think support are just pretending to support so that you don’t attack them on social media!!

Also be very vigilant on who to do business with –
A wise man once told me ; just one bad name to be linked with in your business and you are screwed! It made me very careful from that day to disdain the free lunch and do due diligence on who I want to be associated with.


TheFutureBelongsToTheYouth not just a few


Vimbai Tanyanyiwa