Innocent Man Convicted And Imprisoned Since Feb 2019 Visited
3 October 2021
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By A Correspondent | A Gokwe man convicted over looting in the January 2019 demonstration, yesterday received a visit from top MDC Alliance official Maureen Kademaunga.

Farai Chidziva (38) is one of several MDC members whose case was comprehensively investigated by the UN rapporteur for Human Rights in 2019, and yet the state got them convicted for looting.

Commenting following her visit, Kademaunga who donated groceries, said she “visited Farai Chidziva at Whawha prison where he is serving for “participating” in the 01/2019 fuel protest. He is 1 of 6 such political prisoners, with 5 of them serving from St Thomas where I visited them last week. He is in good health but yearning for freedom.”

Farai Chidziva was accused and convicted by Gokwe regional magistrate Mr Musaiona Shortgame for public violence and theft.

He was arrested together with 18 others acquitted due to lack of evidence, was convicted after a full trial that saw more than 10 witnesses testifying. 

Mr Shortgame initially sentenced him to seven years behind bars before suspending one year on condition he does not commit a similar offence for the next five years. Another year was suspended on condition that he restitutes a total of $3 362 to four complainants whose properties were damaged.